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Month: April, 2012

hey morgellons community, it’s your turn to laugh

hello  morgellons community.  this is a good day for us. i am proud and excited to be able to say that Tom Johnston, the brilliant  political cartoonist of the untied kingdom is  on our side. take heart and try and not and laugh your back side off.


how to build an edible morgellons bomb

when you are sick and you set out to change your diet you have some big hurdles in front of you. mostly because due to your poor health you are very compromised and changing anything is difficult especially something as big as your diet. today i want to offer some tips to hopefully assist you in making better dietary choices.

we know that eating clean food (organic and non gmo) is a must.  many of us go to the store and we buy these clean whole foods.  what next. in this post i want to give some tips on how to build meals. not just one meal or recipe suggestion but rather how to take what you have and turn that into a variety of dishes that have a different textures and flavors.

i have seen people trying to effectively change their diets. they get all this stuff but maybe they get a little over whelmed or they just are not too sure what to do but mostly it hasn’t become a part of their daily routine or familiar yet and those beautiful veggies often end up wilting in the veggie drawer. then they sort of slip back to those old familiar ways and the dietary changes don’t happen.

let’s start with beets. we know they are excellent for us. we especially want these extra healing roots to be organic because they grow in under the dirt and tend to really suck up the pesticides that are used on them.  so you get your beets home and they look like this:



first thing you want to do is break the tops off.  the beet root last’s much longer when you pull the green off.  don’t throw them away..they make excellent greens in a salad. you can boil the beet root and enjoy it warm or chilled. lately i have been loving eating them raw. wash and peel the uncooked beet then shred it.  sometimes raw shredded beet root will be the bulk of my meal.  i usually put some extra shredded beet aside in the fridge to add to another meal later on.  try tossing shredded raw beet with fresh cilantro. it’s beautiful:


it is helpful to look at a meal like you are making a piece of art.  flavors should have contrast and they will the compliment one and another.  take cold salty black olives and combine them with raw unsalted almonds.   i drizzled  some herb spiked olive oil on them. it’s a nice little savory crunchy snack that is excellent for you:


when you start combining foods you can build meals that last you through days.  for instance last night with my dinner i had a  beet and cilantro  salad on the side and for

lunch today i made a little tapas like platter and used some of the grated beet  (crunchy and sweet) i had from last night combined that into a platter of other veggies.  i had some warm garlicky peppernatta  from last nights dinner (i will give you the recipe later.)  a bit of hummus. smooth and rich. cold baby carrots .crunchy and bright orange and lightly sweet. a handful of green olives.  salty and sour.  some plain  yogurt with fresh cilantro, cracked black pepper and sea salt.   you see how these flavors, colors and textures start adding depth and variety. the  protein  in the hummus and yoghurt adds some richness to the lunch. the peppernata  was warm and added another layer into this meal:




last night i spiked some extra virgin olive oil with garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh basil, chili flakes, sea salt, and cracked pepper. i heated some san franscico sour dough bread that i heated and dipped into the beautiful oil. today for  lunch i used the spiked oil to dress my veggies. the oil is till in there and i use it to cook with. the little  chunks of garlic in it made sour dough bread a feast.  i am going to have that again as a snack after i write this. it blows potato chips out of the water:


as you  start building meals with different colors, textures and flavors a good thing to think about is  to use  meat or animal protein as a compliment rather than the meal itself.  for instance with the platter i had for lunch, a bit of tangy creamy goat cheese would have been nice. when you bring your animal protein consumption way down you can actually afford to only eat organic good clean meat.  i still eat bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches but not so often and the bacon i use is organic and has no nitrates. it is naturally cured.  i use veganase because it is  non gmo.  when i make the sandwich  i only use 3 slices of bacon and pile the organic tomatoes and lettuce up high. i never feel guilty when i eat a blt and you should not either. you just can’t make it all about the bacon. the mayo should not have genetically modified canolla oil in it and the bread should be whole grain and ezekiel makes a decent loaf using sprouted grains (flour less but not wheat free..something to keep in mind if you are trying to be wheat free).  eating  healthy and well does not have to be a big pile of cold plain vegetables, but you do need to get these lifesaving, healing and detoxifying plants into your diet.  if you think of ways to make them more appetizing you will be more successful when it comes to the battle of will power that we all face no matter how long or how well we eat.  keep good food available at all times and it will make it much easier to succeed. if you make the food delicious and interesting your whole family will want to eat it and you won’t have to be tempted by their junk and honestly don’t you want your family to eat well. teach your children what real food is.

real quick i want to tell you the mexican tomato story.  my sister and her kids and i used to go to baja mexico on camping trips. my little niece who was 16 at the time was quite a budding chef. i gave her a few bucks and sent her to the store. she came back so excited. she couldn’t stop talking about the mexican tomatoes. my sister and i looked at each other  and laughed “mexican tomatoes..what are you talking about”. my niece showed us the tomatoes and said “look they’re bright red here”.   i felt a little bad when i told her that  this what ripe tomatoes really look like.  something to think about.

chronic multi infection syndrome?



i am sorry i could not find a way to make the font larger..

just read an incredible piece by mark twain called “letters from the earth”. “viral panda” first included this in their post called “a most disagreeable situation”. the, “the tick that bit me”

reblogged it. it is so incredible and so hand in hand with something it seems we have all forgotten as we set out to “kill the bad guys”.
in his piece “letter from earth” mark twain writes beautifully about human microbiota. i am only humbly commenting on it. i would first like to provide you a quick definition of the human microbiota. wickpedia says:

“The human microbiome (or human microbiota) is the aggregate of microorganisms that reside on the surface and in deep layers of skin, in the saliva and oral mucosa, in the conjunctiva, and in the gastrointestinal tracts. They include bacteria, fungi, and archaea. Some of these organisms perform tasks that are useful for the human host. However, the majority have no known beneficial or harmful effect. Those that are expected to be present, and that under normal circumstances do not cause disease, but instead participate in maintaining health, are deemed members of the normal flora. Though widely known as “microflora”, this is, in technical terms, a misnomer, since the word root “flora” pertains to plants, and biota refers to the total collection of organisms in a particular ecosystem. Recently, the more appropriate term “microbiota” is applied, though its use has not eclipsed the entrenched use and recognition of “flora” with regard to bacteria and other microorganisms. Both terms are being used in different literature. Studies in 2009 questioned whether the decline in biota (including microfauna) as a result of human intervention might impede human health.”

a few thoughts of my own: we the human animal are made up of about 10 billion cells. that’s a lot of cells. now brace yourself as i provide another fact. when you read this please keep in mind that the following fact : in your body at this very moment you have aprox. 10 trillion microbes. they are in you on you and for the most part we have no idea what most them are up to. yes, some of them are pathogenic but we need this10 trillion strong microbe world in us. based on cell count we are more microbe than mammal. luckily the sum is greater than the parts. it is something to think about when you feel you must go on that killing spree. antibiotics can be lifesaving and i did have to give myself some very strong intramusclar rochephin shots as part of my lyme treatment. things were out of hand. my lungs were massively infected and it was becoming more and more difficult to breath. this post is not knocking life saving antibiotics that those of us with lyme and morgellos have had to do. it is just something to think about. many of those microbes are intimately a part of our immune system. the ones in our gut collectively weigh about 3 pounds (that’s a fact btw). i am sort of wondering how mark twain was so hip to all this. it’s pretty impressive. “the tick that bit me” is a very well written and informative blog and something worth checking out. not just for the lymies either. if you have morgellons it is worth your time to begin to understand lyme disease. we all have a whole lotta bugs in us but how in the world will we separate the good guys from the bad guys. we can’t. nor can antibiotics as they kill without discrimination. like said antibiotics can be life saving but at some point in our illness’s it is prudent to consider the good guys. not just your gut flora but the whole population and what they mean to us and at some point striking deals while seeking balance.

there needs to be a public health warning!

let’s all keep deanna in our prayers as she struggles through lyme disease and treatment. i thought she did an excellent job here in this video where she talks about the devastating effects of lyme disease and it’s co infections. notice she cites a spider bite leading her to becoming ill with lyme.  this is not just about disease carrying ticks anymore. we are talking spiders, mosquitos, fleas, and  bedbugs. keep in mind we are experiencing an almost global biting mite epidemic. there are many that believe that morgellons or some aspect is indeed vectored by some kind mite infestation they experienced in their home.  i can not believe there has not been a public health warning about lyme disease alone, don’t even get me started about morgellons.

rocket, asparagus and grilled chicken salad with garlic and some more garlic

when i wake up and i have feel that feeling like my muscles could be getting a little stiff i think about two things. what did i eat over the last couple of days and more importantly what will i eat today to counter that. to heal from morgellons and lyme i originaly completely cut out refined sugar, wheat, and dairy  (except for kefir and yogurt). now that i am feeling good i eat a bit of dairy although i really should not at all.

this morning i felt like that..a little stiff and i know why too.   i went a little crazy with dairy. i know better. dairy and i just don’t get along. i love it; it does not love me. i splashed out a couple of days ago on some organic beautiful full fat whipping cream and also  some  tangy goat cheese. i can usually handle the goat cheese (something you non dairy but still lovers of might check into); but with the cream i put on my yam custard and the cream in my coffee plus that coconut ice cream i wolfed down added to the copious amount of goat cheese on my baked chicken and zucchini last night…well duh.  it makes me feel all sluggish. oh ya and i also had wine with my dinner…ahaha (yesterday was my birthday).

so today i made sure to skip all dairy and get a bunch of garlic into me.

you can use any greens for this salad and any veg you want.

i steamed asparagus then chilled. i then heated olive oil with several gloves of garlic in a pan.  i sliced and grilled a small chicken breast. on a plate i put 2 big handfuls of rocket  (you might know it as arugala which is not as cute as “rocket” and much harder to spell).  i squeezed a half of lemon onto it and then drizzled olive oil. added crushed garlic, sea salt and a cracked pepper. tossed that right on the plate a bit. laid the asparagus down then arranged chicken on top and some tomato slices around it.  for a quick simple salad it’s pretty and kind of elegant really.

the warm chicken add’s some “umf” to a very healthy meal. in lyme and morgellons you need to have a lot of detoxifying healing plants in your diet but you need protein and comfort too. you suffer a lot and food becomes really important. i know the raw diet is helping a lot of people overcome all kinds of scourges but i feel i need the protein that small amounts of good clean meat provide. humans can get all the protein they need from plants. that’s a fact but still i can not help but wonder what is is in meat that has seemed to help me heal. i don’t eat a lot and i only eat clean organic meat. if it’s beef it has to be grass fed. that is something i will have to look into. i am wondering about amino acids and morgellons specifically. when i was very sick i felt like i almost had to eat red meat. none of tis is advice i am just thinking out loud.

so here is something funny.  the salad was so pretty i could not bare put another photo from my no flash cell phone camera  up.  so i went out on the fire escape and took this photo for youImage

why are we so sick and what does it have to do with lyme and morgellon’s disease?

in this post i am going to try and change your view’s on morgellon’s, lyme, and many other disease’s. i might ramble a little and i might be wrong a little but i think it is worth considering.    let me explain. a lot of people have borellia,  whole families are testing positive but still sometimes only one family member is sick. (a borellia infection does not always make you super sick like we find in lyme patients). then there are families that only one or two members have morgellons. these people like myself will then find out they have other infections like lyme and a multitude of other co infections (with no clue how or  when they picked those bugs up.)  many find out they have mold issues or metal toxity. parents of autistic children are learning their child actually has lyme disease and  mercury from the mother and or vaccine’s.   so this post stays short  i will only list some other infections  and issues that are in  the mix  (in all of us)

parasites both microscopic and macroscopic, some are intracellular (like babesia).

bartonella and bartonella “like” organisms .

mycoplasma!  wow i have that too??  i thought that caused gulf war syndrome. fyi, it does.

what is mycoplasma? explanation as follows: A genus of small bacteria which lack cell walls. M. fermentans, M. pneumoniae, M. penetrans, M. hominis and M. genetalium.

let’s see what else.. Ehrlichiosis  (Explanation: Rickettsiae that infect the white blood cells ).

Tularemia Explanation: Francisella tularensis bacterium.

there are loads more i only listed a few to make a point. we are infected with fungi, viruses, bacterias (don’t forget, these guys exchange dna.)

then consider those  that are being told TOLD they have incurable m.s., fibromyalgia, parkinsons disease and even schizophrenia and more! many of these people find out they actually have an infection. then they start calling it lyme disease. many of these people make complete recoveries after antibiotic treatment that they then called “lyme treatment”.  i could keep going and going and going. the truth of the matter is there are a lot of bugs that have a lot of cousins that are turning up in all us making some of us very sick. there’s no lab that can or will detect what’s “bugging” you exactly. even the good labs like igenx that are actually looking for them can sometimes not find them. it’s impossible.

here’s  where this post get’s way less scary. i have no intention of scaring anyone. my intention is to draw attention to what dr horrowitz ( who has treated over 20,000 lyme patients! he’s knows a little) calls multi chronic infection syndrome.  it is sometime’s referred as  “plague of the millennia”.  no wait they call it “THE plague of the millennia”.  the ‘THE’ part is wrong.   more accurately it is “they”  .who dunn it?  they all did it! the microbes, the metals, the toxins, the stress, gmo’s and empty food now wash that all down with some fluoride water and we have a recipe for disaster.  honestly when you consider the daily assaults on the human biology it’s pretty impressive that we even do as well as we do.  what’s happening is we each have our own collection of the aforementioned crap.  so what are we going to do about this? we are going to quit worrying about the ‘ONE BAD GUY’ because there are too many to consider. we are going to eat clean, non gmo food and drink and cook with clean non fluoridated water.  our food choices will be wise. the plants and herbs will be medicinal and detoxifying. we will not fret  (hell..we came this far). we will lower our microbial load (anyway we can..antibiotics , silver , herbs etc) at the same time paying attention to our immune systems. bolstering it with cultured and fermented foods. we will throw out the pesticides and artificial “cleansers” replacing them with apple cider vinegar, baking soda and the like. we will spend less time in electrical smog. we will get off the computer right now and go eat a pile of organic broccoli sautéed in olive oil and garlic and we will put the garlic in at the last minute so it is fairly raw and oily making it very medincinal

happy earth day


genetically modified organisms scare the crap out of me

who do you want designing your food:

A) the natural forces and laws of the  universe and mother nature hand in hand with god that brought everything that was and is to the here and now. that includes giant whales, tiny pollywogs, you and me. quite a feat.


B) some  guy in a lab coat  that scratches his ass while he looks down a microscope

for a free  non gmo shopping guide click the link below. we all are in this together.  let’s cast votes everyday by voting with our dollars!  keep a copy of the following guide in your car or handbag.  imagine that the health of you and your children rely on you and your choices.  look at yourself and just within your own family. how many of you are sick already? time to push back we do not want goat genes in our tomatoes. we do not want pesticides in our babies.

For The Love of Dogs And Morgellons

I have no idea what Morgellons is or how I got it.  I just want to put something out there for the people who have pets. The following is absolutely the truth. In 2007 I started getting sick. Really sick. I started isolating because of..well you know, Morgellons disease. My friends turned their backs on me and I have very little family so I thought I would become a dog fosterer. The first dog I fostered turned out to be the last and only dog I fostered. He is sitting on my foot right now.
He was a healthy gorgeous pain in my ass. They told me he was 2 years old. It turns out he was an 85 pound puppy. The first thing he did was poop in my bedroom and pee in the kitchen. When I told him to sit he ran the other way but he was healthy and beautiful. I was not.

I gave Morgellons to my dog. I made my dog sick or it was the house, I don’t know. The point is the dog was living very healthy in a shelter for four months before I met him. After hanging out with me in my house he got the itchies. Later he became sicker. It was heartbreaking. As I started figuring out how to get myself better I was able to get Bunny better. I used silver, herbs, and plant oils on his inside and outside. I power hosed his lesions on his rump and tail. I set the hose to that setting when a bunch of little streams come out fast. His itching was so bad at times he would throw himself against the wall and flop down whimpering and crying. In those times I bathed him in epsom salt and then took him out and hosed his itchy hot spots. He loved it and I did notice stuff lifting out of his lesions. He got better fast because he is a strong healthy happy young dog. It took me much longer. Still though it was in one of his ears really bad and just last month I had him at the vet to have a deep ear flush. It has finally cleared.  After his ear flushing it finally resolved his one weeping eye that he has had since he got morgellons.
when I was “sick as a dog” it was my dog that sat by my side and in the end when I thought I had lost it all I found I still had a lot when  I still had  my dog. Maybe some people might have to get rid of their pets but that is so sad to abandon them. I  want to say that I had Morgellons before I got my dog and did in fact give it to him. Even if I gave it to him then him back to me and so forth, for what he gave me in comfort and loyalty it was worth it. My life was a living nightmare and I might not be here if it weren’t for the loving company of my best friend. Living that isolated and sick for almost 4 years would have killed me.
To keep him protected now I give him diatomaceous earth mixed into plain kefir. I also add MSM and chorella to his food. His diet is 80 percent raw protein 20 percent raw plant. He is very healthy again. Me too. Thank you for reading.

I just posted the above comment on Mr Common senses site. I don’t agree with all these people blaming the animals and ditching them when the going gets tough.  Apparently dogs, cats, horses and birds are in this with us. That sucks. When my dog got sick I prayed thanks to God that I did not have children. My heart goes out to those that have had to watch their children get sick. I can not imagine that.  That is the one really bad aspect of morgellons, probably the only one I did not experience.

Oh our dogs! We love our dogs (and all the creatures). I have no experience getting cats, birds or horse’s out of this but I did walk the dog straight out of Morgellons hell.  He also walked by my side and held my paw better than any human. When he got sick I understood why they say “sick as a dog”.

Poor bunny. The first thing I did was start him on very strong colloidal silver. There is a certain brand and I will not mention names but it is 3900 ppm.  I put 8 drops 2x per day on his food (he weighs over 100 pounds). I took him off his Eucanueba lamb and rice kibble and switched him to one tin of chicken, brown rice, raw carrots and apples.  I fed that twice a day.  His snacks were only  papaya,  pineapple, carrots, and apples.  As he got used to and loving eating fruit and veg I started putting fresh cilantro on his food and various other veggies.  The stuff really started running out of him.  Even fibers came out of one of his eyes. I now feed him the biologically raw food diet  (barf diet).  80 percent protein and 20 plant stuff.   I add a huge  variety of veg to his food. He loves it too.  A typical meal is: (my dog weighs 102 pounds)

5 or 6 organic chicken wings

A couple of baby carrots

Or a half of an apple

Fresh cilantro or other green

A bit of cooked pumpkin or cooked sweet potato

I almost always sprinkle ground flax-seed on it. I always put olive oil on it. I sometimes put coconut oil on it. I almost always put MSM and or chorella on it. As a treat I make home-made dog cookies (a recipe below).  For a treat aside from his home cookies I will stir a little diatomaceous earth into plain kefir. Also at horse supply places they sell those giant tubs of probiotics for a good price. I use Mercolas pet enzymes and sprinkle those on his food.

Anyway there are a lot of ways to get your dog eating better. If you have a dog do the research. It is frightening what goes into dog food. If your dog seems not too keen on the raw food there are lot’s of ways to start them off and peak their interest. Lightly cooked egg blended in gets dog more interested in the veg. Most people put the fruit and veg through a food processor.  The meat has to be small meaty bones. Not the big supporting bones.  I freeze all Bunnys meat prior to serving  (wipes out parasites).  For the chicken I clean in apple cider vinegar most of the time. If you are really scared of salmonella, do that. Or to soften the bones to get them started soak the chicken in apple cider vinegar.  I have heard some raw bone nightmares.  (Update: I now feed him nothing bigger than wings are back bones) Raw chicken bones are fine for dogs, ask any fox or coyote and they will tell you…”we are fine with raw bones”. Do not feed your dog cooked chicken bones.  Some people say “my dog will not eat fruit and vegetables”. I say well then your dog is just not hungry enough… yet. Same for people (or sick enough).  Dr Becker a veterinarian that I found on Dr Mercolas site  makes a good point. Canines should not be eating grains. She has an excellent video on how to feed your pet. After watching her videos and doing research (including animal testing on my own dog) I am sold on the biologically appropriate raw food diet. Lately I feed Bunny canned sardines too.

Here is a little doggy cookie recipe:  (Yes I know it’s not raw. I am not a total fanatic. But raw is good)

2 cups lentil flour

3 eggs

Half cup ground flax-seed

Half cup shredded unsweetened coconut

Quarter cup coconut oil

If it’s too doughy drizzle water on it until you can easily lay the mixture out on a greased baking sheet.  Bake for 20 or so minutes. Cut them to desired size after it cools.

Since it is hot lately I have ten freezing these cookies and give them to bunny that way. They are cool and also it slows the hog down.

I also add MSM and chorella. If you want to do this you will have to factor in the weight of your dog to size you cut the treats to the amount of treats you give them.   When I have the occasional treat of organic bacon I always save the fat and use this to baste my dogs cookies.  It’s just enough to peak his interest without making him too fat.  I use the above recipe as a base and add different things for variety. When you get your dog on the veggies you will start to see they definitely have preferences.  Bunny likes cabbage better than lettuce. He likes carrots better than apples  but he eats it all. He loves broccoli, papaya, green or ripe. Enzymes are good for dogs too! I make sure Bunny gets plenty of them.

A couple of thoughts:

dogs are not supposed to have avocados, onions, chocolate or garlic. I was surprised to read that they should not have garlic. Early on in morgellons I ate as much raw garlic as I could and fed it to bunny too. I skip it for him now just in case. I however  eat raw garlic in everything. I believe it is more effective raw than cooked. I really want to do more research on raw garlic and dogs because I felt it helped him so much. I can not seem to find a straight answer. Does anyone out  there know anything on this subject. I hate it when I can’t get a straight answer about something ( making me the worst candidate to have Morgellons…).

Update..I give my dog garlic now.

I almost forgot, I just wanted to say I wash my dog a lot. After walks I clean his paws with vinegar. When he was sick I washed him in most of the same things I washed myself with. I even rubbed oils into his fur. I put coconut oil on him and he laid in the sun. We also both take diatomaceous earth. I also put it on his back.

Now I am sorry I have to do this to you. Please meet Bunny the Princess King AKA Dr  Eatmore.Image



How I Bathed

I put a space heater in my bathroom sometimes (not always).  I would heat the bathroom up and run a really hot bath and add one or some of the following:




Epsom salt

Baking soda

Lemon juice

Essential oils  (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar, or peppermint to name a few but the 2 that worked best for me are lavender and tea tree oil)

Powdered ginger  (it draws a sweat even after you are out of the bath).

I took my supplements about 20 minutes before bathing.  The steam and the heat seemed to draw things out while raising my core body temp which made me feel like my immune  system worked better.   After I was out of my steam bath, I drained the tub and cracked the window and let the heater remain running.  I wanted my bathroom as dry as possible to avoid mold.

I also kept myself dry. Between my toes, ears, hair etc.