my dear immune system

by Living With Morgellons

my dear immune system, hey killer, i have been thinking a lot about you. did you get the packages i sent you? the food? the supplements? i know you appreciated the sunshine today. i know you have been under siege really .so i have been doing everything i can from my side to help with the battle. i even try and imagine what being on the front of the enemy lines looks like. i envision you in my minds eye doing all that ass kicking you do. your such a toughy like that. i try and not worry about about you because i KNOW you are a fighter but often i hope i am doing enough so you feel loved and supported. when you are feeling overwhelmed and compromised i hope you know that i am here and i am your biggest supporter. how could i not be? you saved my life a million times. i just wanted to tell you something ok…i want to tell you that you are stronger than you will ever know. yes, you are a trained , killing fighting machine. it’s what you do but i know you have feelings too and i know this war, well, it’s been a long time huh! but the enemies are retreating things are already better (thanks to you). there will always be little battles. there always have been. thats cake walk speed for you. keep your eyes open for the probiotics i just sent. also i will make sure you get some whey and that kyolic 103 you love so much. i ate sauerkraut and thought of you. all rightly you i will talk to you very soon. love you bruiser, tina


thought you might like this video… …..i guess because you have had it so tough but you just keep going like the kid in the video does. like the woman says about this boy “….no matter how hard he has had it he passionately runs towards want he wants”