Morgellons? Lyme Disease? Curry Up and Take This Medicine!

by Living With Morgellons

Yesterday my friend in the United Kingdom sent me a link regarding morgellons sufferers and mustard powder. It sounds like mustard powder is helping with the skin manifestations. My skin is looking pretty good these days but needing mustard powder is a good excuse to go the Indian store. Plus I do get itchy here and there. The thought of going to the Indian store makes me really happy because I associate it with curry and I associate curry with the trip I took back to the land of the living.

There might be something to this mustard thing here’s why I say this.  Several years ago when I moved back to London I was very sick. I still had a lot of skin issues. For months I ate curry at least three times a week (there’s a curry place on every corner in London). I craved curry. The more I ate it the better I felt.  As I ate it more and  I could feel my bones getting better.  It helped my pain. It breathed a life back into me. I have found that with morgellons if it works topically it works better internally. Like coconut oil. or silver or MSM.  Even now as I made curry for dinner I feel uplifted and rejuvenated.  Curry is not one spice but rather a blend of many spices. There are a million kinds of ways to do curry.  The variation’s are endless. Not just in the spice blend but with or without meat or fish or veg., You can eat it over rice or as soup. You can curry anything.

If we start to really look at the spices involved in curry blends you can not help but notice these are medicinal herbs . All of them.  From turmeric to coriander (cilantro) to garlic to chilies to cumin to fenugreek to ginger to mustard.

After I read the email my friend sent me about mustard I went in my kitchen and started looking at my can’s of curry blends and sure enough  one of blends I often use has mustard in it. it’s called “Bolst’s” hot curry powder. Here’s a picture (and apologies for the lousy quality from my cell phone camera)


another blend i like is a madras curry powder. it’s called “Green Label Ship”. here’s a photo of the can:


There are lot’s of blends of curry powder at the Indian store. Or you can buy the herbs individually and blend your own. I keep cans of coconut milk and the already blended cans in my kitchen.  I make this super simple coconut curry sauce that takes about five minutes. The brown rice is the only thing that takes time. If I only had one medicine to take for my Lyme and Morgellons symptoms or if I had to tell someone the food that I felt was the best medicine . I would without a doubt,  and hands down say curry. It is pure natural medicine in a can.  The herbs are truly medicinal.  The Indian culture, food, and medicine has been around a long, long time.  They’ve had some time to work out the kinks. Also you can never beat the price.  My can’s of curry run me around 3 or 4 bucks.

If you want to try making a fast simple coconut curry you can first get your brown rice going.  About 15 or 20 minutes later grab a pan and put about two tablespoons ghee in to start but you can also use coconut oil (often I use both). From each of the cans which I showed you from above I put 2 heaping tablespoons of powder.  That’s 4 tablespoons curry powder total.  I add that to the hot ghee cook about a minute then add a can of coconut milk. Stir that in about a minute then turn off the heat and add ! or 2 tablespoons coconut oil. That’s it. It’s done. I’m not kidding. It’s good too. I told you less than five minutes. You might just love this sauce. You can add any meat or veg to it or do what I did tonight.  I took the sauce only and put it on brown rice added some fresh cilantro and ate it right over the pot.  I won’t even bother taking my supplements tonight because I had them for dinner. It makes a lot of sense to start eating your medicine if you are dealing with chronic illness. It makes a lot of sense to start eating your medicine if you don’t want to deal with a chronic illness.

Tonight at the Indian store I was noticing how healthy all the people there look. Beautiful skin and hair. This guy didn’t look so hot though:


I know i know I’m so funny huh!    If you’re in Los Angeles and looking for the best Indian store experience go to “India Sweet and Spice”. There’s one in Los Feliz  and one in west Los Angeles.  The store rocks.  I just went to my little store up the street tonight.  The store is called “Aladdin’s” and it is on Vermont between 1st and 3rd.  Here are some photos. Also again I apologize for the poor quality of my photo’s. It’s funny because photography (pre Morgellon’s and Lyme) was something of a hobby of mine.  I’ll get back to it though. There’s lot’s of life and time and people to meet and places to go left inside of me.

You know those crazy healthy zillion year old yogi guy’s. This is what they eat:


It’s like a quick trip to another land.