morgellons disease and my small vote

by Living With Morgellons

so of course for lunch today i had a fabulous grass fed meat loaf sandwich. as i marvel over this wonderful food (the taste omg) i also have to marvel over the fact that i had to  to really search this meat out..track it down to a health food store and pay a pretty penny at that. also why do i have to go all the way to pasadena to buy non genetically modified corn tortillas for a dang taco?  i will tell you why because i vote with my dollars. it is the only true vote i have. it’s a small vote but if i cast my vote long enough. dollar by dollar hopefully real food that is clean and nutritious for me to eat will be a reality that i and everyone can enjoy everyday. can you imagine just going to the market and buying food off the shelf for a fair price that is not full of crap.  you know peru is supposed to be some kind of third world country. meanwhile they just passed a revolutionary new law banning genetically modified food for the next ten years. there is nothing third world about that!

it is hard and expensive to eat eat well. you have to keep your eyes on every last thing you eat.  if you eat in america you are eating gmo food. period. from the canola oil in the mayo on your sandwich to the corn syrup that laces so many foods. i do not have any answers. just small votes. i do know that i don’t want to eat agrobacterium for lunch. i don’t want to be sick or look like this…..

yes that was me two years ago. add to that unimaginable pain and fatigue and complete refusal from the medical community to be treated. disgusting i know and i might have just permanetally ruined your appetites. did agrobaterium do this to me. i don’t know. no one knows for sure what causes morgellons but we will never know as long as we accept bogus studies from the center of disease control telling us this disease is all in our heads. or sun just damage. please. until there is sincere research morgellons disease is on the loose. your children are vulnerable. you are vulnerable. your dogs and your horses are vulnerable. people are suffering terrifying symptoms. they are being ignored by the medical community. lives and families are being destroyed and meanwhile until it hits your family you might be buying the  crap that is being dished out daily. not just in the poison you eat but that morgellons disease does not exist. if it feels like i went on a rant or went off topic then you must have missed the part about health and happiness in the title because no one can have happiness when they have to deal with morgellons disease. remember, doctors can’t treat a disease that does not exist. until the hearts and the minds of the people understand that morgellons disease is a world wide reality the suffering and horror will continue.  i had to think twice before posting this. this is because the morgellons community is walking a fine line and looking as delusional as they are being told they are. honestly though, i would feel delusional if i did not speak the truth. if i just got my health back and pretended like this disease did not ravage my life or if i just walked away and tried to forget about the others that have not been as lucky as me ( i have someone that cared enough about me to pay a fortune for my medical care) i promise i will not post any more disgusting photos and i also promise i will cast my little vote everyday.