a dinner date, good bye morgellons hello sunshine

by Living With Morgellons

so tonight is a celebration.  it has been a twisty scary uphill road and i finally can see and feel the light that was turned out seemly overnight.  when i got on this road there was no sign saying “you are now entering morgellons and lyme country”.  there was also no sign saying “brace yourself for a world of hurt”. not just physical but the shock of how i would be treated by doctors,  friends and even my family.

as i shopped today i realized i am better. a lot better. even the trauma has subsided.  the scars will always be… both figuratively and literally. morgellons  ravaged my once very nice skin. it also chewed my heart to pieces.  also somewhere in the battle i got old. i turn 47 next month. the last birthday i remember being well was my 40th.

tonight  i am in los angeles and my rock, my love, and biggest fan in is ireland. so tonight’s post is a transatlantic, celebratory, world wide web dinner date. not long ago tom mentioned that i never wear red lipstick anymore.  i told him that my skin is so scarred now i don’t want to draw anymore attention to my face.  well tonight i put lipstick on and i also made a beautiful meal.

so onto the food. firstly i bought grass fed organic ground beef today.  the first time i ate grass fed beef was years ago in oregon. this hippy argentine guy brought it over to our house. he was really happy about it. he went on to prepare these steaks simply and beautifully with cracked pepper and course sea salt that sort of exploded in your mouth as you ate this gourgous meat. it’s just delicious i can not find the words.  it makes me think of galileo and when he said that “wine is sunshine held together by water”.  today i thought of course, it’s perfect. the grass eats the sun, the cow eats the grass i eat the cow and we all ate the sun.  we truly are not exactly what we eat but as it is said “you are what the animal eats is”. it is sad to think think about what animals have to eat today. humans included.

i wish i could have photographed tonights dinner with something other than my camera phone because it was truly beautiful. in loving memory of my sweet aunt mary i made her “italian french frys”.  i peeled russet potatoes and tossed them with olive oil,  fresh rosemary, garlic, salt and cracked pepper. i put these in the oven at 400 and went on to prepare the rest of the meal. i made a raddichio and lacinato kale salad.  both italian lovelies.


from wickpedia….

 “Lacinato kale has dark blue-green leaves, with an “embossed texture”; its taste is described as “slightly sweeter and more delicate … than curly kale.”[5] Because of its taste, “slightly bitter [and] earthy”,[6] it has been called “the darling of the culinary world”.

i tossed the salad with olive oil, lemon, garlic and added some sugar plum tomatoes and put it the fridge to chill while i prepared the grass fed beef into an herb filled meatloaf. here is a photo.


for the mesatloaf i blended the grass fed beef with a quarter cup ground flax seed, a half bunch minced italian parsley, a half bunch minced cilantro, about five cloves minced garlic, four minced green onions, olive oil, one egg, cracked pepper and salt. molded it into a loaf on a baking sheet and baked about a half hour at 350. here’s a photo..again i have to say it does it no justice. this is not your average meatloaf.  a photo….


so i am happy and stuffed and here is the movie to complete the dinner date .good night world.