broiled salmon with my favorite topping

by Living With Morgellons

these days most fish sort of scares me. i used to love eating sushi but i would just as soon poke my own eyes out then eat raw fish again. once in japan a very cool and gifted sushi chef was showing off for me. he told me a bit about this and that. you know sushi stuff. well one of the things he told me..rather showed me was not so awesome. if you love sushi and want to continue eating it stop reading now. he showed me how the raw fish has worms in it and proceeded to demonstrate how they cut them out. he showed me the worms in a fish. he told me they all had worms. great. no sushi for me. even cooked you can’t cook out pollution and mercury.  the one fish i do eat and very much enjoy is alaskan wild caught salmon. apparently it is on the very low mercury risk list according to the 2007  report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on  evaluation of seafood  mercury safety  the following fish can be founds in the very low risk category:

 Wild-caught Alaskan and Pacific Coast salmon, Pacific scallops, shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, herring, and anchovies.  

ok enough boring stuff because i want to tell you about  a delicious and spicy salmon i love to make and eat. it’s pretty simple. the sauce takes a few steps but i will also give you a cheater version because this blog is supposed to be easy to make nutrious food for people on the mend.  basically it’s just broiled salmon. don’t broil the salmon until you finish the sauce. the first sauce is the long version. it’s not long per se it’s just not as simple as the quirky cheater sauce. it is however far superior in flavor. it is also spicy. if you don’t like it hot you can pull back on the jalepeno or even leave it out.

you are first going to roast  8 or tomatillos and 2 jalapeños. you can do this on your stove top if you have a gas range. (take the outside leaves off of the tomatillos)

place the tomatillos and jalapeños directly on the burner grate. arrange them in such a way they won’t fall into the stove. turn the heat on high and with tongs turn them as the flame gives a nice kind of char to them. don’t torch them. you are just looking for a nice roast. here some photos so you have an ideaImageImage

after you get a nice roast on them you will need to finish them off in the oven.  the flame was just for the nice roast on them. pt them in a bowl and drizzle s bit of olive oil on them. put them on a baking sheet and in the oven at 350 for 20 to 25 minutes. pull them out and seed the jalepenos. just hold the chili in your hand and grasp the stem with your other thumb and kind of pull down.  oh ya heres a picture of what they should look like when you pull them out.


in a pot put the cooked tomatillos and both jalapenos if you like it hot, one if you like it warm, none if you can not handle the heat. keep in mind however chili peppers are excellent for you. also jalapenos are a pretty hot pepper when raw but cooked and seeded takes much of the heat out. most people think of jalapenos as this real hot pepper but cooked they really mellow out and aside from the hotness they have a really good flavor. even if you don’t like spicy things try just adding a bit into this sauce because they truly add a nice taste. you want them all smashed up. the tomatillos will break down easily, the jarpenos need a little a little smashing up. turn the flame to medium and add about two tablespoons of olive oil,  and also of water add some salt and pepper and let it cook down for about 15 minutes.

now chop up let’s  say about a half of a bunch of cilantro and dice two roma tomatoes. set these aside these will not be cooked.  now broil your salmon.  dry the salmon off and coat lightly ghee if you have it or the type the will go on an adventure to find it.  it’s worth it.  basically it;s clarified butter and it has a lovely nutty flavor. you can get it at an indian store or online.  there is no cream in it so it’s great for broiling (it won’t burn before the fish cooks where butter will). if you don’t have ghee use olive oil.  put the salmon in the pre heated broiler. basic rule of thumb is 10 minutes per inch of salmon. if your using fillets remember they are usually less than and inch so maybe do 4 minutes on each side.  when i buy my salmon i like to get this brand called Kroger. it’s a good sized bag of individually wrapped wild caught salmon fillets. nice little portions and you cn pull out what you need. they thaw in minutes under cold running water.

now get turn the heat up on your sauce and even though you have olive oil in it already put a couple slices of butter into the pot. trust me it adds a  richness that works well with this sauce. let the sauce get real hot and stir the butter in. remove from heat and squeeze the juice of about three limes into to the pot. if you hate squeezing limes use the juice of one large lemon. now mix in the raw cilantro and tomato. plate your fish and top with sauce. it’s spicy and tangy and only slightly rich from the butter.  here is a picture of the finished productImage

n this photo i used dill because i was out of cilantro. however i encourage you to use cilantro. not only for the flavor but the health benefits. you will start to notice (if you follow this blog) i use a lot of cilantro. i almost eat it everyday. i do this as part of my ongoing neuro toxin detox. cilantro has an amazing ability to mobilize mercury. it is actually one of the best ways. while on the subject i would just like to add that you might want to consider taking chorella as well as it will carry the murcury out of your gut. if there is noting in the gut to carry it out it will be reabsorbed. if this is something you are interested you can go to where he posts his neurotoxin detox protocol.  it mainly involves cilantro and chorella. in his posted protocol he says to use cilantro tinter but i have heard him say that fresh organic cilantro is actually better.

one of the the better things i did for my health was to start and keep on detoxing. when i started getting really sick my brain turned to mush. i lost things. i forgot how to spell words that were once so easy to me. numbers seemed to look the same, like at times i could not tell the difference between an 8 or a 3. seriously, i spelled my own last name wrong once.  i had experienced an erratic personality change. i was easily frustrated. could not focus. had trouble talking, writing..communicating in general. also extreme anxiety. i am amazed at the dramatic change that has come about as i continue to detox. this is an issue with lyme and morgellons patients. mold and metal have some kind of crazy relationship.  i had no idea how incapacitated i was until after the detoxing pulled some of the neuritics out of me. i look back and think oh my god..who was that?  i am so happy that my brain is coming back. not that it was anything that awesome but it’s nice not to get lost in your own neighborhood.  goodnight everyone and happy eating and healing to you.

oh i almost forgot the quirky cheater version..just open a can of salsa verde, jazz it up still with the olive oil, butter, lemon and raw cilantro and diced tomato. it’s good..just not as good as the made from scratch.