happiness is immune support

by Living With Morgellons

i had dinner at my peruvian  friends house. her step father is the cook in the house and he is cuban. i have been isolated and really focused on keeping my meds straight, diet right and gulping down my supplements. it was nice to get out of my box of a studio apartment  here in los angeles (temporary digs while treating for lyme and morgellons with a doc in san diego).

most of the dinner had things i usually won’t eat. i ate it and loved it though. he cooked pork shoulder all day at 275.he stuffed it with  plenty of garlic, oregano and bitter orange. it was delicious. it was served with white rice and yucca. the rice and the yucca are not in my diet these days. but as i sat with this family eating and and trying out bits of my mucho mal  spanish, i was happy and i realized that there is much more to healing than being diligent. you have to be happy. your immune system needs to know you are happy, it works better that way. after dinner i had ice cream.

when you go on a healing journey you can get the best doctor and the best medicine take the right supplements and keep a stellar diet and take excersise but we can’t forget why we are doing all this. it is for our life, to get healthy so we can enjoy living again.

plus all of the above is not what is going to escort the offending pathogens out. not really it is only an aid and it will be your immune that ultimately restores your health. happy people have robust immune systems. this is a well known fact.

going through something like lyme treatment is grueling and if you have morgellons as well thats a whole new kind of nether hell. when treating for lyme you are sick a lot of the time. often patients have iv lines or like me give themselves intramusclar shots. often in lyme and morgellons our symptoms get worse before they get better. you have to be tough. you have to keep up on the latest research. it is a lot of work. it is practically a career keeping your meds, supplements and diet going. of course we are trying to do the best we can to achieve every lyme and morgellons patients dream, to put those bugs to bed once and for all and do it right so they dont  pop up again only to make you as sick or sicker than you were before. to make this dream a reality we also do a lot of immune support. tonight i did some good immune support. i sat with a family and ate food. i enjoyed it. i did not worry about the carbs and starch in the white rice and yucca or the dairy in the ice cream. i sat in her back yard and enjoyed her garden. she offered me an adult beverage and i drank it (i am not on flagyl right now and in between antbiotics). i felt happy not to worry for a while and my immune system knows it. i feel great. i am not suggesting anyone go out and eat crap and have a cocktail i am just reminding myself that my life does not start after i get well. my life is now.