tomorrow i will not starve

by Living With Morgellons

i was just settling into bed thinking about my big day tomorrow. i have a an appointment with my lyme doc in san diego. getting there is an all day affair and quite a jaunt getting there. i still have fatigue issues and some cognitive and neurological problems here and there. so i try and plan everything to the t as to avoid any undue stress as it seems to set things off in me.

i was just laying down thinking of what i missed or have forgotten for my trip.  i have to get to union station. i usually take the metro. then it is almost a three hour train ride. after that i get off the train and jump on the trolley which takes me to santee my ultimate destination.  last time i couldn’t find anything to eat.  there were only a bunch of fast food places. so i got up and real quick made myself something i could bring with me to eat. i grilled some chicken and diced that, then added steamed broccoli, walnuts, and red grapes. i tossed that with fresh cilantro, olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon, cracked pepper and salt. chilled it and put it in a lunch bag for tomorrow.  it’s a tasty and substantial lunch salad. plus there is lot’s left over to snack on. it is also easy to pack. i am glad i remembered to make a bag lunch because it is hard to find something decent to eat when you are on the fly. so for you health conscious brown baggers this might be a on the go lunch option for you too. here is a picture.    Image

sorry about the poor quality of my photos. i have been using my phone to snap photos and it does not have a flash. i will have to do something about that. because the food looks a lot better then it does in the photos.  well i better hit the sack. i have a big long day tomorrow.  for all you lyme heads and morgies i will give an update on my meds after my appointment tomorrow. woof..i better get to sleep.night night everyone.