I’m Nut’s About Coconut Water

by Living With Morgellons

I drink a lot of coconut water and I am freaking in love with the stuff.  The young coconut is the one you want for drinking. It also has quite a bit of coconut meat in it as well. It is more tender than a mature coconut. The mature coconuts are the ones you often see in a regular super market all brown and hairy looking.

You can find young coconuts at Asian markets. I see them at whole foods and health food stores but the Asian markets sell theirs for a whole lot less money. I think whole foods sells one for 3 or 4 bucks. I just bought a case of nine for $8.99.  That was even an unusually high price (it goes by market price). I usually pay around 6 dollars for nine coconuts.

The coconut water is delicious and refreshing but they are also packed with all kinds of good things. For one thing they have a good amount of electrolytes. I drink fresh coconut water when I take my supplements for better absorption.

Coconut water also has bioactive enzymes to help with digestion and metabolism. They actually have a pretty excellent nutritional profile with things like






b-complex vitamins  such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, and folates

even has a bit of vitamin c.

Coconut water is so pure that it was used as emergency plasma transfusions during war-time.

If coconut water is something you want to drink on a regularly then you will want to invest in a good clever.

It takes a little getting used to but after a few tries you will be able to whack the top off a coconut without losing a drop of water.

One summer when I was really sick I drank a case of coconuts in one day (that’s nine coconuts BTW). I was too weak to use the cleaver so I put a thick bit on my drill and made a hole and drank it through a straw.

Here is a link to a little video showing you how to easily open a coconut with a cleaver. I used lay the coconut on the side and whack the top right off (Chinese style). Since I got sick and uncoordinated I usually open them Thai style. It’s safer.